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Mural Development 

Mural Creation

Veteran Walldogs are selected to design the murals and lead the volunteers to paint the murals. In addition to being talented artists, mural leads have proven experience planning and leading community generated art, working with all levels of volunteers from skilled professionals to novice. Local artists are encouraged to apply for mural lead positions and/or join a mural creation team.


Themes selection process
Four local Historians, long time residents of The Dalles, have developed about 40 different mural themes with consideration of local history, diversity and inclusivity. The NW Muralfest committee will select some of the themes, the rest of the themes will be selected by community residents.

Mural walls

Walls are being selected to create a historical walking tour through The Dalles downtown district. Many building owners have already committed walls for the NW Muralfest; the committee continues to secure other agreements for other mural locations.

Existing murals in The Dalles
The existing murals completed in the 1990’s are cared for by
The Dalles Mural Society.

Aren't you curious :)

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