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The Northwest MuralFest is a five-day mural painting event held in The Dalles, OR, planned for August of 2022. During the festival, 15 new historical murals will be created in the downtown area.

Residents, volunteers and the business community are working on the festival creation in collaboration with the Walldogs, a group of mural painters that has come together in different towns all over the USA since 1993 to paint historic murals.

The Northwest MuralFest will draw local residents and national visitors to our community, and help promote The Dalles as an art destination. Along with the mural creations, we anticipate other contributors such as food, crafts and music vendors.

The NW muralfest is for the whole family. We are planning on a family mural designed by a local artist. Artists of all ages from tykes to grandparents will be welcomed to work on the family mural.

Cherry Mural Complete w Dropcloth.jpg

Who are the Walldogs?

The Walldogs are a loosely affiliated group of highly skilled sign painters and mural artists dedicated to keeping the tradition of brush-to-brick sign artistry alive. We expect many of them, from all over the world, to come to The Dalles for this event to paint our town’s history and culture in mural form like they have in dozens of other communities across the USA. Most previous Walldogs events have been held in the East and Midwest of the US. The Northwest MuralFest will be the first Walldogs event ever held in the Pacific Northwest. The only other Walldog event held in the West coast was in Lodi Ca, in 2006.

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